Hi! It’s me again. Well, last Saturday I went with my friends to Pizza Hut to what I would like to call my… “pre-birthday dinner“. ヾ(^∇^) We didn’t reunite for that but I would like to think we did. Hehe. ゜(゜´Д`゜)゜ One of my friends and I haven’t seen each other for quite some time. The last time I saw her, my best friend was still in Puerto Rico and that was about a year ago. ∑(O_O;)

We talked about how everyone was doing, where they were working… (those who were) and what are our future plans. I get a bit melancholic when we all get together… We had so much fun when we went to school together. OMG… I’m feeling very old right now. (″ロ゛) Change of subjects. My husband and I didn’t take a lot of pics besides those of the food. Hehe. But, here we are on the flesh. I’m the one in the white polka dot blouse. (ノ^_^)ノ

Now that I look at that pic… I look like I’m pregnant!! Σ(゜Д゜) Haha. I definitely had a blast with my friends and I hope we can see each other again very soon. And by the way, my birthday was last Sunday. I turned 27! See ya in the next post! ヾ(´▽`)ノ