Good Time – Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen

皆さん、おはよう!(Good morning everyone!)

Here’s a little song for waking up with good energy. Hehe. Enjoy! ヾ(^∇^) Today there’s not much to be done, so I’m gonna relax and take it easy. See you guys later! (((*’ー’*)ノ

Comic Book Galore! (Comix Megazone)

Yesterday my friend Cathy took us to see the comic book store in Arecibo, a town practically an hour away from where we live. It’s called Comix Megazoneヾ(^∇^) It had a decent verity of comic books and Japanese mangas. (●゚д゚●)

I was really surprised when I saw there were Megami and Newtype Magazines available. (*_*) There were a lot whole of mangas, including newly released ones, Japanese Light Novels and figurines. ヽ(*´з`*)ノ

But, sadly I had no money on me for neither of those. ゜(゜´Д`゜)゜ My husband bought Batman – Arkham Unhinged issues #1 and #2. My friend Cathy got some Bomb Queen issues.

Here’s a pic of me looking really weird. Hehe. ヾ(°∇°*) (笑)

I really hope we can visit the store again, but next time I’ll be sure to bring more money with me. 八(^□^*) I’m drooling over those Japanese magazines like crazy. Hehe. ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ I got kind of inspired in this store, I need to draw more… I haven’t forgotten about Rita and Aiko, a comic my friend and I are doing. Hehe. I’ll talk about that in another post.

皆さん、またね!(See ya later!)