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Drama Crazy Week: LIMIT

皆様、今晩は!This is the first post of the year. Yay! Hehe. And it’s going to be about a drama I just finished watching. It’s called LIMIT and it’s based on manga series. It was a night-time japanese series, so it was 30 minutes per episode which I LOVE. Hehe.



It’s about a group of classmates that experience a great accident on their way to a camping trip. Each of the survivors has a story and some of them see themselves get to the limit of everything in the turns of events. Main character, Mizuki, tries to keep everyone calm and centered but some of them have reached the point of no return and hunger, thirst and fear can turn them into something they’re not.

La historia se basada en un grupo de estudiantes que pasarán unos días en el campo, pero de camino a su destino tienen un horrible accidente automovilístico. Cada uno de los sobrevivientes tiene una historia oculta, sea oscura o sencilla, esto los motiva a llegar a su límite debido a las circunstancias en las que se encuentran. El personaje principal, Mizuki, trata de mantener a todos positivos y tranquilos pero algunos ya han llegado a un punto de no retorno donde el hambre, la sed y el miedo los convierte en algo que realmente no son.Limit02Limit03 Limit04Limit05 Limit06


I was really expecting some stupid high school drama but it had a nice dark undertone to it. You could grasp the pain some of the characters had and the fear of not being part of a click o being left out. How under the sames circumstances one starts to act differently to how we act on a daily basis. It was a really interesting drama. I would recommend it to anyone that has the time to see it. Hehe.

Yo en realidad esperaba ver un drama estúpido de niñas de escuela, pero en realidad tenía un tomo oscuro y realista dentro de toda la situación fantasiosa. Podía sentir el dolor de alguno de los personajes y los miedos de no pertenecer a ciertos grupos o de sentirse abandonados por los suyos. Como bajo las mismas circunstancias uno comienza a actuar diferente a como actuamos todo el tiempo. Es un drama muy interesante. Se lo recomendaría a cualquiera que tuviera el tiempo para verlo. Jeje.

Drama Crazy Week: Ando Lloyd A.I. Knows Love?

皆さん!ヾ(´▽`)ノ A couple of weeks ago I started watching Ando Lloyd A.I. Knows Love? mainly because of the story and the actors. To see Shibasaki Kou in a lovable character again is kind of refreshing. Hehe. (*≧ω≦)ノ

¡Hola a todos! Hace unas semanas comencé a ver Ando Lloyd A.I. Knows Love? principalmente por la historia y los actores. Ver a Shibasaki Kou en una personaje un poco más dulce es bastante refrescante. Jeje.



Matsushima Reiji is a genius researcher that’s next in line to be killed by a Android because he commited a crime, a change in history. But if he gets killed the next in line is his wife, Asahi Ando. When the inevitable happens an Android (Ando Lloyd) of himself was built to protect his wife from those killer Androids. Asahi, sad and confused doesn’t know what to make of all this, but live.

Matsushima Reiji es una genio investigador que está próximo en fila para ser asesinado por una Androide porque supuestamente cometió el crimen de cambiar la historia. Pero, si el muere, la próxima en ser asesinada es su esposa, Asahi Ando. Cuando lo inevitable sucede, se materializa un Androide (Ando Lloyd) para proteger a Asahi. Ella triste y confundida no sabe que hacer con todo esto, mas que vivir.

Ando02 Ando03 Ando04 Ando05 Ando06 Ando07 Ando08


The story resembles an anime or manga(。・д・)ノ゙ The characters are likable and the mystery keeps you wanting more. (゚ロ゚ノ)ノ I don’t know what kind of direction will they take with the romance but I hope they keep it alive. It’s a bit difficult to find a nice and edgy romantic drama. I will keep watching this drama and I recommend this to anyone that likes an Android action packed / romance drama. Hehe. ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

La historia parece sacada de un anime o manga. Los personajes me gustan y el misterio en la historia te mantiene queriendo más. No sé que tipo de dirección tomarán con el romance, pero, espero que lo mantengan vivo. Es difícil conseguir un drama romántico con una buena historia. Seguiré viendo este drama y se lo recomiendo a los que le gustan los dramas románticos llenos de acción en peleas de Androides. Jeje.

Drama Crazy Week: Yamada-kun to 7nin no Majo

I haven’t had a lot of time but this weekend my car broke down and all I could do was stay at home and watch a four episode marathon of Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo (Yamada and the Seven Witches). It’s the kind of drama I love, lots of fantasy, romance, comedy and kisses! Hehe.



Yamada is a complete failure at school, he has bad grades, gets into trouble and he is a retired Yankee (a hooligan). One day, he sees Urara, a really smart and pretty classmate walking by and he decides to follow her… but when he looks at her, he takes a wrong step and falls on top of her but kisses her as they fall down the stairs. When he wakes up in the nurses office he goes to the bathroom only to find himself in Urara’s body! Unlike him, she takes it calmly and tries to solve the problem by thinking things through…

But, she is not the only one with powers, it seems there are seven witches at school and Yamada,Urara, Miyabi and Toranosuke decide to find which of their classmates have powers, but the only way they can prove someone has a special ability is by kissing! And to Yamada’s luck or bad luck, he has the ability to copy those powers when kissing the person that has it!






This drama makes me laugh so hard. Hehe. It’s very silly and the kissing never gets boring. The manga it’s based on is really good and funny. I was glad to see the drama has the same feeling the manga has. It’s a shame it airs on a weekly basis… so I have to wait one more week to watch a new episode. Hehe. If you like light-hearted dramas, be sure to watch this one!